“Electric Waterfall”

I thought  I would try Windows Live Writer to see if it offered anything different. Apparently, I can use the fonts I have installed on my computer. That, is a huge bonus already!

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“Electric Waterfall”

by:  Greg Barker

Hello and thanks for stopping by…

Art is everything and everywhere. What we see, hear, feel, touch and taste. Art is life. Simple.

It is amazing to see all of the talented artists from around the world and the beautiful images that come from within.

The passion for visual expression is what inspires and motivates me to learn, create, grow and share some of the artwork that I am currently working on as well as a look at past sketches from long ago.

I hope you enjoy your time and please, leave a comment if you got a moment. I’d love to know what you think.

Thanks again…take care!



Texas Ranch House – Christmas Card

Texas Ranch House - Christmas Card 2012

I made this one today for My Mother…(Don’t tell her…it’s a surprise…:O)!
I hope she likes it!
Yup, That’s their ranch house in Seguin, TX.

I hope Y’all enjoy it as well.

Thanks for looking!

Artistic Expression As A Language…


I will be posting some of my sketches and watercolor work here as well as comments on the supplies used and links to some of the fantastic information and instruction YouTube has available.

I welcome all comments and look forward to reading them.


Shall we?……